The Benefits of Wakeboarding

Dixon Taylor offers quality orthodontic care to patients of all ages at his private practice. When he is not working, Dixon Taylor enjoys staying active. He participates in various sports, including wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding is a sport that combines elements of surfing, waterskiing, and snowboarding. The wakeboarder rides a wakeboard along the surface of the water, occasionally launching into the air. The sport offers participants several benefits. These include the sense of camaraderie that it establishes among them. It is a social activity that allows for the participation of numerous people of different ages. Hence, it facilitates the strengthening of relationships among family and friends. It also serves as a way to meet new people and to ultimately make friends with those who share a common interest.

Just as importantly, wakeboarding is a great form of exercise. The activity burns around 350 calories each hour, toning the back, leg, arm, and abdominal muscles. Furthermore, the mental focus required to wakeboard successfully helps to strengthen the mind. Despite these benefits, wakeboarding can be dangerous if it is not practiced safely. To avoid injuries, it is important to learn the proper techniques and maneuvers, and to take the necessary safety precautions.

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Dr. Dixon Taylor – Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

While many patients associate an attractive-looking smile with orthodontic treatment, some may be surprised to learn that straight teeth and a properly aligned bite are important to maintaining good oral health. Dr. Dixon Taylor, a California-based orthodontist, offers insight on the health benefits of orthodontic correction.

Using braces and orthodontic appliances to straighten teeth helps promote oral hygiene. Patients with crooked and crowded teeth are susceptible to developing caries because misaligned teeth are difficult to thoroughly clean when flossing and brushing. Moreover, malocclusions and crooked teeth can negatively impact jawbone and gum health.

Another health problem associated with a misaligned bite is the development of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD). Because malocclusions strain the jawbone and surrounding ligaments, patients can experience discomfort when speaking and eating, a common symptom of TMD. Migraines and neck pain are also commonly associated with TMJ dysfunction.

By aligning teeth and a patient’s bite, orthodontists can prevent a myriad of oral health problems including periodontal disease, cavities, and bone deterioration. Even though orthodontic treatment is normally recommended for adolescents, many dentists such as Dixon Taylor, DDS, treat adults as well.

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Foods to Avoid While Wearing Braces

With more than 20 years of experience in providing quality orthodontic care, Dr. Dixon Taylor operates his own private practice in Concord, California. To help his patients protect the health of their teeth and gums as well as the integrity of their orthodontic appliances, Dr. Dixon Taylor recommends that they avoid eating certain foods while undergoing treatment with braces.

Braces are a major financial investment, and patients should take certain precautions when eating to avoid loosening or breaking their appliances. Foods that can damage brackets and wires include anything sticky, hard, or chewy, such as popcorn, gummy bears, corn on the cob, hard pretzels, nuts, and bagels. Patients can, however, eat some hard foods such as apples and carrots if they cut them into small, bite-sized pieces.

Orthodontic appliances also make oral hygiene a challenge, but patients can help preserve their oral health by brushing and flossing regularly as well as avoiding certain foods and drinks that are known to weaken tooth enamel. Specifically, sugary snacks and acidic fruits, sodas, and sports drinks should be avoided, as they can demineralize the tooth enamel, making teeth vulnerable to decay.

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PCSO Promotes Education at Annual Session

Dixon Taylor DDSFrom his private practice in Concord, California, Dixon Taylor, DDS, provides high-quality orthodontic services to his patients. Having earned over 20 years of experience, Dr. Dixon Taylor maintains memberships at several organizations, including the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists (PCSO).

Founded in 1912, PCSO is dedicated to helping its members furnish the highest quality of care to their patients. By sponsoring educational programs, easy communication between members, and support to quality orthodontic practices, PCSO ensures that its members stay up to date on all orthodontic-related issues.

To help keep members current on their education, the group runs the PCSO Annual Session, which provides members with networking opportunities, educational credits, and special exhibits. It also makes information available about graduate orthodontic programs at colleges and universities on the West Coast. This year’s Annual Session will take place in October at the San Diego Conference Center.

For more information about the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, visit the group’s website at

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Great Times Whatever the Weather

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Day, Night, Sun, or Snow, it’s always a good time with Dixon Taylor.

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A Tour of ATT Stadium

Checking out the views at the the iconic home of the San Francisco Giants.

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Together We’re Giant

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Dixon Taylor is a proud fan of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.

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